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Agile, Scrum, Kanban: What Are They? Toptal.
If you talk about agile methods without knowing what they mean, you may slip up and say things that will uncover you in front of the interlocutor who knows the subject: Scrum and other agile methodologies. Scrum is not a methodology, though weve all heard it called such more often than the number of killings in Game of Thrones.
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Agile Scrum Capgemini Academy.
The importance of Agile methods in the ICT market is increasing extremely fast. This is specifically the case in product and application development. Scrum is the most commonly used Agile methodology. Scrum consists of a clear and simple framework of roles and rules not bound to any specific technological domain.
What is scrum? A brief introduction atlassian.
Four agile ceremonies, demystified. Learn how to facilitate great agile ceremonies like sprint planning, daily stand-ups, iteration review and retrospectives. The product backlog: your ultimate to-do list. What is a product backlog in agile or scrum? Learn about the best practices for managing and prioritizing a healthy product backlog.
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Agile Vs Scrum: Know the Difference.
What Is Scrum? Scrum is an agile process that allows us to focus on delivering the business value in the shortest time. It rapidly and repeatedly inspects actual working software. It emphasizes accountability, teamwork, and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal.
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Scrum en agile: wat is het verschil? En wat heb je eraan?
Grote bedrijven zijn een stuk minder flexibel. Grote organisaties kennen vaak een watervalstructuur voor projecten: een plan of ontwerp moet eerst langs verschillende afdelingen en managementlagen voor het uitgevoerd kan worden. Het bedrijf wordt traag. Scrum vs Agile. Het verschil tussen Scrum en agile? Scrum is een framework, Agile is een mindset.
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Deze training van twee dagen is bij uitstek geschikt voor iedereen die zich Agile Scrum op Foundation niveau wil eigen maken. Na het doorlopen van de Agile Scrum Foundation training kunt u zich verder ontwikkelen op het gebied van Agile Servicemanagement, Agile Projectmanagement en Agile Testmanagement.
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He describes the future of work in the context of an agile delivery model and what the implications are to job descriptions and career progression. The Scrum Events. Prescribed events are used in Scrum to create regularity and to minimize the need for meetings not defined in Scrum. All events are time-boxed. Once a Sprint begins, its duration is fixed and cannot be shortened or lengthened.
Agile project management with Scrum.
We should first be clear on what Scrum is not. There is a common misconception that Agile is Scrum. While Scrum is indeed agile, it is not the sole method of implementing agile principles. Scrum is simply one of many agile approaches to product development.
An Empirical Framework For Learning Not a Methodology.
Proquotient Team November 11th, 2016 at 801: am. A very well made explanation of what Agile and Scrum is, This will be great for people new to Agile who are looking to learn and implement Scrum in their companies. The article is very easy to understand and the background info about Agile and how it got developed is great knowledge even for people already using Agile.
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Impediment Management Agile Consortium. Ken Schwaber; Jeff Sutherland, The Scrum Guide. ScrumButs and Modifying Scrum. Bloomberg, Jason, The Scrum But Paradox. QuinStreet 31 juli 2012. Vind een artikel. Hulp en contact. Links naar deze pagina. Deze pagina citeren. Downloaden als PDF. In andere projecten. In andere talen. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 9 nov 2017 om 1448.

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